How to remove BIOS password

Forgetting the password in BIOS create a hectic situation to all computer user. Its not that easy to recover your password in BIOS like in other program or websites. It’s a complicated stuff and most of all suffer from this problem . BIOS stands Basic Input/Output System is a set of instruction that a computer uses to successfully start operating. There are several method to reset your BIOS password.

Remove CMOS battery


The easiest way and work on most system is to remove CMOS battery. A computer will remember the time and keep the time up to date due the CMOS battery. Therefore if we take out this battery, the computer will forgets is different hardware setting including BIOS password. Put the battery back after  30 second.

Using MotherBoard Jumper

motherboard jumper

You should know about your motherbroad band. if you don’t know about it read the manual. The jumper has been label as CLR, CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS etc by most of the manufacture. There are 3 pins in the jumper and the middle pin will be joining to either left or right pin. Now remove the jumper and join the left pin to the opposite pin. for example if the jumper join to the middle pin to the right pin, then remove it and join middle pin to the right pin. After few second again remove the jumper and join middle pin to the right pin. Restart your PC .

I strongly suggest you to see the video to know about hardware parts beforing making any changes in hardware.

How to reset BIOS password USING command Prompt

You can simply reset the BIOS password from command prompt using microcontroller programming. Just follow the below steps simply

Go to your control panel(Window+r) Type cmd

First of you should start debug mode. Type debug. Then the debug mode will be operate. Please note you won’t see C:UsersYourname in this case. So don’t be panic.

  1. A Press Enter
  2. MOV AX,0 Press Enter
  3. MOV AX,CX Press Enter
  4. OUT 70,AL Press Enter
  5. MOV AX,0 Press Enter
  6. OUT 71,AL Press Enter
  7. INC CX Press Enter
  8. CMP CX,100 Press Enter
  9. JB 103 Press Enter
  10. INT 20 Press Enter
  11. Press Enter
  12. G Press Enter
  13. Q Press Enter

Note: Enter belongs to Hit Enter not type Enter

Below command helps to clear the BIOS so that whever you start you pc next time it won’t ask your for the password. Therefore If you will be able to bring DOS prompt up. The BIOS setting can be change to default. For this process Go to command prompt.

Type DEBUG and hti Enter

-o 70 2e hit enter
-o 71 ff hit enter
-q hit enter
exit hit enter

Restart you computer to take effect

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