How to change permalink in wordpress without loosing traffic

change permalink

Changing permalink might be a big issue for every blogger because their might be a big change of loosing all traffic. If you change your permalink without using any plugin then your all permalink will be changed into the new one therefore you will be 404 error when your user want to see the post that is being already indexed in search engine. Therefore to eradicate this problem you have to use the plugin which helps to redirect all you previous post to the new permalink structure which is called 301 redirection method. It is most beneficial for the user who migrate from blogger to self hosted wordpress blog or migrate from to self hosted wordpress blog. Before changing you must have knowledge which permalink structure is best for you

Thanks to Dean lee Permalinks migration plugin which make it possible to change permalink without loosing any traffic. The plugin will generate a ” 301 redirection” or you can call it permanent redirection when bots will crawl your posts.

you can download dean lee permalink from the author page. Before changing permalink structure you might need to know best seo permalink structure for wordpress.
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  2. Vishal Sanjay INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    Wonderful post Saugat!! This is a big head ache even with this plugin you’ll stand to loose a bit of traffic, fortunately I never had to change my permalinks from the time I tsrated blogging.

  3. Its great to be here, to read a useful tip for changing permalink. I found your post, much informative and simple comparing to other posts that talk about wordpress permalinks.

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  5. mmts INDIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Thanks for your post , I am facing the same problem while I am trying to change the permalink. I wil try with this plugin.

  6. Robin INDIA Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Simply great write up and this will surely help many who struggle in this point of migrating the blog permalinks.
    Thanks and cheers.


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