How to hide and unhide files in Linux

You may want to hide some files and folders to make them invisible. They are not displayed in the file manager but the file is still there. Follow these steps and make your files and folder invisible. I am going to hide and unhide files in my Ubuntu 11.10.

Hide the file:

First go to home directory. Select the file or the folder you want to hide. Rename the file with “.” in the beginning. If the file name is penguin.txt and rename this file as .penguin.txt. Now, the file is hidden.

hiding the files in ubuntu

Show the hidden files:

After you hid the file, how to see the hidden file? It’s very simple. Press Ctrl+H to see the hidden files and again press the same to make it invisible.

Make the file unhidden:

To make the file unhidden, first show the hidden files and remove the “.” fromĀ  hidden files. As, rename the .penguin.txt as penguin.txt only. Simple as that. Now, the file is unhidden again.


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  2. Masoud Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    very helpfull , thank you

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  4. fatur AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    thanks for the tutorial, :)

  5. rajat INDIA Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    how to install an .exe file in ubuntu 11.10

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