Happy birthday twitter: twitter on 4th year

Can you believe that the micro-blogging Twitter is 4years old today? March 21, 2006,the day when the co-founder of twitter Jack Dorsey first twitted. Many people who haven’t use twitter yet might think twitter has just been launched. No, you people are wrong. Our little bird is all grown up now. Twitter is four years old from today.There are about 200 millions twitter users world wide. The best thing about the twitter is we can use text messages to update friends on things they were doing. Such a special occasion for twitters lovers. Common lets wish twitter happy birthday together!

twitter 4th birthday

Twitter is wonderful medium to be in touch with people and let them what you are doing. Various people  use  twitter for different  purpose. Freshtutorial use twitter to stay connected to our readers. You can follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/freshtutorial.

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