Guayadeque:Awesome music player for Ubuntu

Guayadeque is an awesome music player for Linux Ubuntu user. Ubuntu has replace banshee as its default music player in Ubuntu 11.04.  There is no doubt that banshee is an amazing player. But you if want to find something extra then you might want to switch to Guayadeque. There are few things that are quite unique in Guayadeque than other music player. The user friendly interface, quick navigation section, various radio stations, Auto lyrics finder of the song you are playing, Last FM integration are the basic features of Guayadeque.



Guayadeque is divided into two different section Left and right with the border in the middle. User can easily close the right section by which the left section occupy the full window. Other basic element for music player like play, stop pause is in left side of the player whereas, Other different option like lyrics, radio, Last Fm, Files , directory is in right side section.

Automatically Lyrics finder


Guayadeque automatically detects the song lyrics that you are playing and roll it on your player. you need internet connection for this purpose becuase the data will be fetch from the INTERNET. Behind this, the Artist information from Last Fm will also been shown in the Last Fm bar.User has wide variety of option to specify the source for lyrics extraction.

East Navigation of file from user panel


The navigation of music file is quite easy you can access all the directory from the file menu on the right side. It automatically detection file path and show related music and video file in that directory.

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