GNOME Shell extension official website launch

This is probably the good news for GNOME Shell users. The installation of extension has been a lot easier since the version Although there are huge amount of extension available for GNOME Shell created by several people, there is no any official website to host all these extension. GNOME Shell extension official website has been launch as public alpha and several several cool extension.

GNOME Shell extension official website
According to Gnome shell official website there are still few bugs in the browser plugin that can be only used for now to install GNOME shell extension. The bugs is likely to be seen in Webkit-based browsers like Chromium and Epiphany.Therefore firefox is recommended now However the GNOME team claims that the bugs has been fixed and it sould be released when GNOME 3.4 Ships at the beining of March next year.

Due to certain bug in GHOME 3.2.1 THE UNINSTALL button doesn’t work for some extension. In such case you can disable the extensions, but to completely remove them you must manually delete the folder under ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/.

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  1. Robin INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Great write up. Gonna try this tutorial on my machine now. Cheers.


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