6 Best tips for Gmail user for better optimizing your Gmail

Gmail tips and tricks Are you Gmail user? There are various tweaks you can do with gmail thats enable you various features thats inside gmail. User of different extension available for your webbrowser makes easy to check your email, add professional signature, notification of email etc. Here are the 6 different tips for Gmail user for better Optimization of Gmail

1. Schedule your Gmail Email

schedule your gmail email

Assume that you have to send email to your boos when you will be in holiday with your friend. It will be absurd to do such things when you are enjoying something else in life or When you don’t want to. Such suitation is just normal you might have other different suitation where you have to send email when you don’t want to. In such suitation you can use Boomerang extension for Gmail to schedule your gmail email. Its pretty easy just install the extension and schedule your email when you want to  send.  Behind scheduling the gmail Boomerang also helps to block the incoming email by just shifting them to folder from your inbox and bring it back to the message list at the specified time. Again at the time of holiday if you want to hide message from work or boss its an awesome way for your. Here are the diferent.

2 Use Preview Plane in Gmail

Enable preview pane

This is the recent features that helps to see you the preview of your mail. You can enable this features from Google lab. The full Tutorial is listed here. This helps to make your Gmail looks same like Yahoo and Hotmail features with preview your email.

3. Organize your email with Priorities


The new features in Gmail helps to organize your email with different priorities like Unread First, Important first, Starred first. Now you can easily get the email according to your priorities. You can also Organize it in tab See the above screeshot to use it properly.

4. Check email from Chrome Browser.


This is another awesome chrome extension for Gmail and Chrome user. You don’t have to sing in into your Gmail account to check your email. Simple install extension called mail check plus and you can check your email right from your Webbrowser like in screenshot above.

5. Create Awesome Email Signature


You can create create an wonderful Email Signature with the chrome extension called WiseStamp. Wisestamp create ans awesome email signature with the help of template and other different application see below tutorial to know more about it.

Video Tutorial to use Gmail signature with wisestamp

6. Record Important Call in Google Voice

You can record Important call in Google voice.  The recording procedure is so simple and works both on android and Iphone.

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