How to get old Facebook chat back

facebook old chat

Facebook has recently launched the new Facebook chat which has got major attention. Facebook new chat disappoint most of the user. The message and various group and facebook page related to new chat system and getting the new chat system spread vigorously. There is no official way from Facebook to get your old chat back. But you can use other various way to get your old Facebook chat back. Here are the couple of ways to get your old back.

1. Using Sidebar Disabler Add on .

This is the most effective way to get your old Facebook chat back. The extension called sidebar disabler is available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera . Therefore if you are using any of these service you can simply download the addon install it and the old chat box will be available for you.

  • Install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ for Chrome
  • Install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ for Firefox
  • Install ‘Sidebar Disabler’ for Opera

old facebook chat box2. Using pop out

Those who doesn’t want to install addon and are using different web browser than opera, Firefox and Chrome Here is another solution for your. You can get  your old Facebook chat box by using popout.

facebook old chat popout

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3. Using Greasemonkey for Firefox and Chrome

If you are the Firefox user you have to download Greasemonkey addon and install it. Greasemonkey is already supported in Chorome. Therefore for Chrome user  don’t have install it. Chrome uesr can directly install userscript from step 2

facebook-old-chat2. Download userscript called Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion for both Firefox and Chrome user. You can download it here

facebook-old-chat-chromeYou can see old chat box as soon as you log in into your facebook account.

Conclusion: Among all these three method popout is just for temporary use. Therefore the user who just want to test it can use it.  Sidebar disabler is the most effective one which I am currently using in Firefox. Greasemonkey is another useful way. I have tested all the three procedure and found sidebar disabler the most appropriate which contains almost all the features of old facebook chat.

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  1. Opera link isnt working dude it heads me to firefox extension!

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