Get a free self hosted wordpress blog.

WordPress is a blogging platform which manages contents and is open source application.  What wordpress does is makes things easy to post the new comments, new stuffs on your blog or website page into a categories in chronological order. Thus, wordpress is the great content management system. WordPress platform is very easy to understand and work with and its been very useful even to the people with least computer literate as well.

self hosted wordpress blog

Before getting started, you must be able to find the difference between wordpress blog ( and self hosted wordpress blog ( is a resource where you could register for free in a minute. You can easily post your ideas, images, and videos for free. You don’t have to have domain neither you have to find the webhost to host your website. In you will get  website name like has got the numerous disadvantages the biggest one is it doesn’t support JavaScript. That means you can’t monitories your website with popular advertising program like Ad sense. And doesn’t support the plugins which is one of the coolest things. Therefore or simply known as self hosted wordpress blog has become one of the necessity of every blogger.

There are numerous number of blogging platform like blogger, typepad but wordpress has become quite popular because of its numerous advantage. is an open source blog platform which you can download for free and is mostly included in control panel of most of the webhosting accounts. From the word wordpress self hosted you will probably need a webhost to host your blog and domain name.Therefore to get a free hosted wordpress blog you can simply follow the process.

Get a free domain at

1. To get a free domain at please follow a following step

2. Go to and type the required domain name and click on check availability. If you domain name is available to registered and is free of charge you will get a following page. Please Note Some domain name may cost money according to their needs.

free self hosted wordpress blog

3. if you choosen domain name is available continue towards registration in wordpress
click to enlarge

4. Click on set up button, then choose  name server and put the nameserver as

Name server 1:
Name server 2: name server for wordpress

Click to enlarge

Get a free webhosting

There are numerous number of free webhosting but I will recommended you 000webhost  because it facilitates the user with the most advance features for free webhosting. 000webhost offers 1.5 GB disk space and 100GB monthly bandwidth which is quite huge in compare to other free webhosting. To get a free webhosting at 000webhost you can follow the following the process

1. Go to click on sign up >>> then  put your own domain name at I want to host my own domain and enter the account information.

get free self hosted wordpress blog
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2. After you account is set up go to your control panel and click on fantastico

get free self hosted wordpress blog
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3. Your wordpress self hosted blog will be finally ready to use

you will see a new installation in the next  page and you can set up your wordpress blog. (please note if autoinstaller doesn’t work you can also use ftp to upload wordpress. for that you have to download wordpress from . you will get detail information here

Recommended: if you have high amibition and want to be some professional blogger I would recommended you to buy your own hosting account which just charge around $3- $7 depending upon webhost in a month and most webhost provides you domain for lifetime. I personally use justhost webhosting which offeres unlimited webspace and bandwidth. you can also find 50% discount coupon on justhost.

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  7. I don’t think I’ve seen this said in such a way before. You actually have clarified this for me. Thank you!

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