Freshtutorial is Back

Due to the certain situation I was busy in various other stuff which is the main reason of inactive of this blog. I am planning to make various changes on the blog, the quality as well as the design. You might have seen fewer update in the design portion but I am continuously working on it to make blog easy to navigate for the reader. I am planning to make fewer changes on the post as well as the quality which will be noticeable in the future.  Beside some change I have some fewer planning that I would like to share.

During this time due to the involvement in the multi author blog which was one of my project I was able to learn various new stuff from the team member. I think that is the main advantage of working on the group. Even though you don’t achieve what you dream but you can still learn marvelous things which you can never imagine.

  1. Basically my purpose for creating this site is to create resources that would will acts as empower to the  readers. Therefore my future plan include creating extremely beneficial resources for beginner, intermediate as well as advance user.
  2. I am planning to eradicate some topic or category on this blog as well as adding few new one. I am also planning to create some series of tutorial that helps them to get all the resources of the particular product or service is a synchronize order.
  3. I am planning to publish eBooks and series of video tutorial which will be available for free.  For some instant I have started to make fewer plans regarding this Topic
  4. I am planning to start some Service related to wordpress, webhosting, migration, thesis theme etc.
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