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android appsUses of android phone has been excessively high in recent days. Major mobile phone company like Samsung, LG are continuously developing android phone. All the android phone are based on android mobile operating system developed by Google. The best features of android are its application. Even though there are wide variety of application in the android market, the users may feel hard to pick right one for them. Here are the best list of android multimedia application that you can use in your android phone.

1. Winamp for android.

winamp for android

Winamp in android has a features that offer the complete media management solution. The syncing are available in stardard USB and the winamp  5.59 also offers wireless sync with the desktop. Winamp also makes able to add playlist shorcut and the widget player on android home screen. The user can simply interact with other apps like pandora, youtube and the amazon mp3 store.

2. Photoshop Express

photoshop-express android

Want to edit your capture image, you don’t have to do it by moving the photo into your pc, photoshop express brings you the complete solution for editing your image with various features like croping, rotate, flip, adjusting brightness etc. Behind that Photoshopexpress also enhances your online experience by enabling uploading photo directly to

3. MortPlayer

android mortplayer

If audio books are your choice mortal player will be the good application for you. Mort player has various features like seperate folders, save and restore position for every tracks, bookmarks etc,

4.  xandplayer

Xand player play xvid/divx AVI’s player and have various option like image snapshot of video from the menu section. It has many option to coax even the most CPU hungry video to play, even on low and device.

5. Tune in Radio


Tune in radio is a perfect application for music lover and the person who want to listen radio from their mobile phone. Tune up radio has over around 40,000 channels of music, sports, news, podcast and national network like BBC. User can easily browser the different category of the radio within the single touch on the screen.


lastfm android

Last fm is another amazing personal radio application. User has ability to stream all their favorite stations, view their friend profile and watch their upcoming events. Last fm supports background streaming which means users can do various others task while streaming their favorite song, Other great features like buy song from Amazon or check out maps for an event that looks interesting.

7. jetvd


JetVD allow users to search youtube video, download their favourite video. JetVD is perfect solution for those who prefer to use youtube in their mobile phones. it also allows users to watch video in HD format.

8.  Arcmedia


Archmedia is one of my favourite application that lets users to watch various type of video format including avi, mpeg, mpeg-2, PCM, RealVideo, Vorbis etc. This application plays almost every type of video. The various features like zomming the video, warning message for high definiation video make this application more special.

9. Aldiko

Aldiko is a pdf readers for android power phone which enables users to download and read thousands of book on their phone. Users can esaily browse the ebooks collection by title, author or subject. and also can easily edit their book’s detail information

10. Videotonez

videotonezVideotonez plays video for incoming call. Users can use the video as video ringtones from their SD cards. This application might be useful for those who wants to use new stuffs in their ringtones and who are fadeup with the audio ringtones.

Final conclusion: All the above listed application serves the best in different areas like music, video audio, graphics and other miscellaneous areas. However the trend of android application development are increase in high rates. Therefore the features of these application might overcome by others. All the application listed above are free. However you can choose other premium version application.

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