Free domain name and free webhosting

free domain and webhosting

In my previous post i have discussed about the beginner guide to start a blog.  Before started a new blog there might be something you need to have. It is not necessary for every blog platform. if you want to have a self hosted wordpress blog then web hosting and domain name will be necessary. If you are still ambivalence about whether to start self hosted blog or not or you are unaware about the wordpress environment then the free domain name and web hosting helps you learn the wordpress environment as well as control panel environment and also helps you to get some experiences in blogging. But personally i don’t recommended free domain name and  hosting services. But it may be useful for the learning purpose.  Not for only self hosted blog it may be useful for the website as well if you  don’t know the environment of the control panel then it may be the very useful tools to getting started. Therefore i have listed below the best free domain and free web hosting provider that might be useful for you

Free Domain name

There are lots of free domain provider available but all the free domain provider doesn’t have all the function that you need to have to build a successful blog or website. Therefore today i am going to tell you about the best free domain that i have ever notice. is the free domain has supports for CNAME, A , MX, NS, TXT records. is always free but if you want to have domain for commercial purpose or u want to select some top level domain  name then you have to pay certain charge. For personnel use its always free. you domain name will have the extension that is

Free webhosting

OOOwebhost is the free web hosting provider that supports, php, mysql, ftp, cpanel, website builder, auto installer and many more. The best things about 000webhost is it provider free web hosting without advertisement. It doesn’t have any hidden cost, no adverts, and no restrictive terms, you can also have free sub-domain under 000webhost. it gives the user 1500 MB web space and 100 GB  monthly bandwidth

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  1. Teena kaif SAUDI ARABIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    No doubt !! This is a very good tutorial site. I appreciate your work. Well done !!

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