Start hangout in facebook using social hangout

Social hangout is an application for Facebook that enables the hangout features like in Google plus. The release of video calling in Facebook with partnership is Skype creates effective way of communication to friends using voice and video. But it only facilitates user with 1 to 1 video calling. Therefore if you want to access a group video call and chat like in Google plus, Social hangouts is the awesome way for you. Google plus allow 10 user to participate in video call at same time whereas social hangout enable 20 user to user the service simultaneously.


How to enable this features.

Log in into your Facebook account and install social hangout application. After installing this application you can simply go to the application and start inviting your friend. An invitation is send to the user using notification. Whenever your friend accept the request. he/she can easily join you and also invite his or her friend. 20 user can be added and use service simultaneously

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  1. Cool feature of facebook now we can enjoy video chat too…

  2. WOW, gonna try this now, thanks for the info

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