Echo command: printing arguments, using as calculator

If you are familiar to programming, you pretty much already know what does echo do. It normally print the arguments on the screen in the new line. Echo command works fine in both Korn and Bourne shell. In Korn shell, one more feature is provided that is print command. It’s like same as the echo command but has a bit more features. Echo command can be your start to the shell programming. We are planning to bring shell programming tutorials series in very near future. So, stay tuned!

The syntax for echo command is:

echo argument OR echo “argument” OR echo ‘argument’

echo commandPrinting arguments in separate lines:

Start your argument with ‘ ‘ and whenever u want line break press enter keep on writing, if u want line break again press enter keep on writing and after you are done close with ‘ ‘.


Calculating in terminal using echo command:

The syntax to calculate is:

echo $[number+number]

calculate using echo

You can do all form of arithmetical calculations.

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