Best 6 download manager for Linux

download manager linuxEven though you can install various application from ubuntu software center or using terminal download manager may be useful where you want to download large file. Download manager gives you ability to download file from the internet with various features like pause resume download, boost your download speed etc. Here are other benefit that you will get while using download manager.  Here are the top 6 download managers for Linux.

  • Boost up download speed for low connection
  • Pause or resume download.
  • Search for mirror sites, and handle different connection.

1. GNU Wget

wget download manager linux

GNU wget use http, https and ftp internet protocol for retrieving files. The various features include mirror directories using filename wild card. resume aborted downloads, using rest and range. Wget works non-interactively therefore has ability to work on background after logged off.

2. Multiget

MULTIget is a file downloader and manager which runs on different platform. It support http ftp protocols and has programmed in C++. The various features include resume download(if websserver supports), reconfig thread number without stopping current task. User can choose different available language which is proper for your use.

3. Aria

AriaAria is multi language supported download manager which is especially develped for linux. it supports CRC checking, http proxy server, cut and paste drag and drop

4. kget

kget-download-manager-linuxkget is a part of KDE network package. The various features include downloading file from FTP, HTTP(s) and BitTorrent sources. The various information can be seen about current and pending download. User can easily pause and resume of download file and also restart a download

5. Curl

Curl is free and open software that compiles and run under a wide variety of operating systems including linux. Curl helps to get files from serverusing any of the supported protocol. it ofers ftp upload, http post, file transfer resume and more

6. Wxdownloadfast

download manager linux

Wx is a multi-platform open source download manager. it supports Multi-threated and accelerated tranfer which helps to download file faster. Download resuming, download scheduling, organising already downloaded files are some of the key features of Wx download. It is available in various language and firefox intergration is possbile throught FlashGot

7. Jdownloader: Jdownloader is a free, cross platform open source download manager. Jdownloader requires Java Runtime Environment(jre/jdk) 1.5 or higher to operate. Jdownloader allows to download multiple file parallely and also supports download of several file hosting sites such as Rapidshare, hotfile.. The huge list of hosting site from A-Z alphabet make user easily access their required file sharing website.


Learn to wget command as download manager


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7 Responses to Best 6 download manager for Linux

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  2. Dhawal INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    What about Jdownloader ?

  3. toto INDONESIA Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I love jdownloader. Because this software can download from hosting file site

  4. You didn’t mention uGet either. You should really check that program out. It works great and is the best native app I’ve used on Linux.

  5. wonder7 Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    You can try out flareGet, which is the fastest download manager for Linux.

  6. Please teach me how to config Multiget proxy. I have done ALL the ways in this world but fail all.

    I have done it for too many times by using system proxy setting, manual config, bla-bla. Could you tell me? Send a copy of answer to my blog please. Thanks…

  7. Harold UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    kget is USELESS. If you import a file of URLs or if what you are downloading has duplicate URLs kget asks FOR EACH DUPLICATE what you want to name it. If you happen to have a thousand duplicate URLs guess what? It asks 1000 times. Useless!

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