Distributed of Denial service attack

In Dost attack the attackers generally bombard the host with a huge amount of traffic, it is not much complicated for a site to detect that attack and overcome and defend them from that problem. But In DDOS (Distributed Denial of service) attack; attackers may use many other computers to attack the particular host. It means it uses multiple sources for attack from a different location at the same time. Therefore the DDOS attack is more vulnerable than DOS attacks. DDOS attack can generally immobilize the entire network. There are a numerous symptom of DDOS attack from which the DDOS attack can be detect. Usually the slow network performance of the particular website or server or the unavailability or the problem in accessing to a particular website and the increase of the amount of spam message in account might be the symptom of DDOS attack. So there will be the flooding of incoming message to a computer or web server that leads the web services to shut down and thus denying service to its legitimate use

In DDOS attacks, attackers first explore the vulnerability in a particular system and thus he make the first tools for the attack called master. Then the master uses other large amount of computer for the attack which is called agents. Now the attackers will instruct those machines by using a command. Therefore with the command of the attackers the master computer will follow its command and it transfer that instruction of command to different agents. Thus there will be a huge network created with large number of agents and master. Therefore when these all agents target the victim it will be almost impossible to handle that amount of request send by the agents and therefore the particular server or website will be immobilizes and it can’t give service to the legitimate user

ddos attack

example of ddos attack

How to Prevent Dos attack:

Dos attack is one the serious crime that is happening daily in the internet. Around the decades the Dos attack has numerously hammered various services from the large network company to small company. The first dos attack was seen in July 1999. Since then the vulnerability of Dos attack in the different sectors came into existences. There is no any effective measure that helps to keep you fully secure from DOS AND DDOS attack but by using the following measures that helps our computers or network from being victim of DDOS and DOS attacks

  1. There are various antivirus software available in the market today. One of the best effective way to prevent DOS attack for being happening is by installing latest antivirus software and keep updating that software so that the computer and the sever will be free from worm, Trojan and virus.
  2. Installing the latest firewall like check point, Cisco, gateway which helps to deny or allow the traffic that is accessing to network.
  3. Established or maintained regular backup policies and removing the unused and unwanted network services.
  4. Enable quota system if your operating systems support it.
  5. Use password system in order to access to high privileged account like UNIX root or Microsoft windows NT Administrator
  6. if it is a big company its better to hire other security company that will helps to prevent from DOS being happening and if accidently happen it also helps to repair the damage

Final Conclusion

DOS attack denies the network resources unavailable to its legitimate users. Since the evolution of DOS attack from earlier days it is targeting the server or internet sites that are on a high profile. Every company today’s are victim of dos attack. According to the investigation conducted by Security giant Symantec Corp e-commerce are the most targeted company from the Dos and DDos attack. The report show that the DDOS attack has been increasing excessively in the past decades. The attackers are using the various latest technology that is available in the market to  be more secure and success like wireless networks, VOIP application, laptops etc. whereas the various company are doing their best in order to control DOS and DDOS attacks.

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