How to disable Autoplay of CD, DVD and USB in Windows 7?

DisableAutorunMany of you may find pops up when you insert the external hard drive, USB, CD, DVD handy or some of you may find it annoying. Personally, I don’t like it. It can spread the viruses in your computer. You don’t have to open the USBs or CDs for the virus to spread. Many virus can be spread through it. So, why not turn it off! In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to disable the Auto Play in Windows 7. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate Edition x86.

1. First, Go to the Start Screen, open Run and type gpedit.msc which will execute configuration screen.

RUN2. You will see the Local Group Policy Editor Window. Expand Administrative Template>Windows Components>Auto Play Policies. Then double click Turn Off Auto Play in right.

turnoff autoplay

3. Enable the Auto Play off by clicking on Enabled and Select the all drives if you want to turn off Auto play in all of your drives or select CD-ROM and removable media drives if you want to disable Auto Play in your external hard drives, USBs, CDs and DVDs.

turnoff autoplay

This is how it’s done, simple and easy!

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3 Responses to How to disable Autoplay of CD, DVD and USB in Windows 7?

  1. First up all thanks for sharing this post !….It’s clear one of my doubts any way nice blog and nice content keep going well thanks :)

  2. Jenna PHILIPPINES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thanks! this has helped me a lot!

  3. Roberta J. SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO Google Chrome Windows says:

    This doesn’t work good! There is some bug in gpedit.msc, Microsoft even released a patch for it. In this way, autorun/autoplay viruses still can get into PC using these options. The only working solution I found, is using Autoplay Disabler Pro ( It’s simple to use, but works good.

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