How to Customize the Terminal in Linux

This is a simple trick to give your terminal a desired look that you have always wanted. You can change the welcome messages, title, headings, text colour, background colour, add background picture, make the background transparent and many more. Also, the workspace in the Terminal can be managed horizontally and vertically using a application called ‘Terminator’.  There are other various cool things you can do in the terminal like play games, browse the web, watch movies in ASCII format and many more.

Customizing Graphics in Terminal:

Open the Terminal and in the Edit Menu go to Profile..Click on Edit to edit the Default profile.

edit the terminal

There are altogether six menus. To change the looks, we only need five of them: General, Title and Command, Colours, Background and Scrolling. We don’t need the compatibility option. Play with all the menu and give the desired look.

options to edit the terminal look

Adding the welcome message in Terminal:

You can actually add a welcome message when you first open the terminal.For this, you need to edit the start up file named “.bash.rc”. You can also create your own start up file check out this. Let’s start on editing .bashrc file. You can use any editor you want. I feel comfortable with nano, so I am going to use nano. Go to terminal and type:

nano .bashrc

If you are going to use gedit type:

nano .bashrc

Now at the end of the line add this line of code:

echo "Hello, Welcome to my terminal!!"

edit the start up file in Linux
See the various cool things you can do with echo.

Now, save the file and exit from the terminal . Open the terminal and you should see like this:

start up message in terminal


Terminator(Multiple Terminals in Same Window):

Terminator lets you to use the multiple terminator in the same window. First, let us install the terminator:

To install terminator:

Using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install terminator

Using yum:

sudo yum install terminator

After successfully installing terminator, type terminator in the terminal. You can split the terminator horizontally and vertically. To do this, right click on the terminal.

split the terminalsplit the terminal horizontally and verticallyThere are various keyboard shortcuts for the Terminator which are listed below:

Ctrl+Shift+E: Split the view vertically.

Ctrl+Shift+O: Split the view horizontally.

Ctrl+Shift+P: Focus will be active on the previous view.

Ctrl+Shift+N: Focus will be active on the next view.

Ctrl+Shift+W: Close the view where the focus is no.

Ctrl-Shift+Q: Exit terminator.


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