How to create website shortcut key in Ubuntu 11.10

You might know that you can create your own shortcut key in Ubuntu. However you can only create a shortcut key for the different application like web browser, calculate, home folder etc. In this tutorial I am going to show a quick way to create a shortcut for a particular website. For example you have to access particular website from time to time in such suitation you can use a shortcut key for that particular website for easy fast performance. To create a custom shortcut key for a particular website follow the below steps.

Create a launcher option. This option is available in Ubuntu 11.10. Therefore for this purpose you have to create new launcher using the following command.

gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new

A window will pop up. You need to specify the name of the application generally will be website name in our case. command use, your browser name and URl and comment that may be anything.

website shortcut ubuntu 11.10

This is create a shortcut of your website in your desktop. You can create as many shortcut as you want

Behind this you can change the icon of every shorcut website. For this process right click on the shortcut that you have create click on the logo appear on left hand side and choose your desired icon. You can also edit the name description command comment from this process.

website shortcut

Video Tutorial

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  1. Sean TURKEY Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    Can’t you just create a text document with content “firefox” and allow it to be run as an executable?

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