How to create your own customize run commands in windows

Many of you may have use run command in Windows. It allows us to open the applications, documents and folders just by typing the single command. The command only works for inbuilt windows programs. For example: To open the onscreen keyboard I can type ‘osk’.  You might have wondered, can i make my own run commands and make my computing experience cool and fast. It’s possible! Here’s how you do it.

I am going to create run command for Adobe Photoshop CS4 which is installed in my PC.

1. Right click the desktop, then go to new and click shortcut.



2. Give the location of the .exe file by clicking browse of which you want to make the shortcut or run command. In my case,  I would choose location of photoshop.exe as:


3.  Then click Next and name the shortcut. Remember the shortcut name is the run command. I am going to name my shortcut as ‘ph’.


4. Click Finish.

5. Copy and paste the photoshop icon with name ‘ph’  in C:Windows.

Now open the run command and type the shortcut name or the run command you just created and enjoy the quick way.

Also, you can directly open websites using run command. To open Google,  type Then, Google will open in your default web broswer.


 Video Tutorial

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