8 cool terminal tricks you may not know about

Linux terminal or the command line is very powerful. We spend most of our time in Linux terminal. You can simply give a command and produce your desired output. Also, there are various cool things you can do in your Linux terminal like watching movies, playing games, displaying your system information etc. There are also various keyboard shortcuts which can save you lots of time.

1) Keyboard shortcuts:

There are various keyboard shortcuts available for the terminal. You can apply shorcuts to copy, paste, zoom in, zoom out, opening up the new tab, viewing the terminal in the full screen etc.

  • Ctrl++ = Zoom in
  • Ctrl– = Zoom out
  • Shift+Ctrl+C = copy
  • Shift+Ctrl+V = paste
  • F11 = Fullscreen

You can view the keyboard shortcuts in Edit Menu under Keyboard shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts in terminal

2) Working on tabs:

You can open and work on the tabs like you do on web browser in Linux terminal as well. To open the New tab press Ctrl+Shift+T or go to file and Click on Open New tab. This comes in very handy if you want to work on terminal while installing application via terminal as well.

opening tabs in terminal

3) Up arrow key and down arrow key:

Press up arrow key takes you to the command that you have typed previously and down arrow key takes you to the command that you typed to the first command of recently opened terminal. Also while typing the command these shortcuts come in handy:

  • Ctrl+A = Takes you to beginning of the command
  • Ctrl+U = Erase the command
  • Ctrl+E = Takes you to end of the command
  • 4) Playing games in terminal:

Yes, it is true! You can play some classic games inside the Linux terminal. The package called BSD games should be installed for it. Go to terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install bsdgames

installing bsd games
After the package in successfully installed you can open the games by typing the game names. You can search the available games in bsd packages and run the games. Have fun playing games inside terminal.

5) Watching movies in terminal:

You can actually watch movies inside terminal in the ASCII mode. For this, we need to install mplayer. Go to terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install mplayer

Now to watch the video type:

mplayer -vo caca moviename.extension

If you want to play only in black and white color type:

mplayer -vo aa moviename.extension

Remember, the video should be in Home folder. I am going to play the first episode of one of my favourite series “Games of Thrones”.

playing movie in the terminal

I know, it looks dirty. Some animation can play with the funny look.

6) Opening websites in Linux terminal:

You can open the websites in the Linux terminal itself using two different ways. Of course, there won’t be any picture. I have already written post on it. Read and enjoy opening website in the terminal.

7) Get the basic system information in terminal:

There is a simple Linux command which displays your system information. You can also find out the information about your kernel and information about the kernel along with GCC compiler.

8 ) Use terminal as a calculator:

You can do simple mathematical calculation in the terminal. You don’t need any calculator for this. Simply go to terminal and perform mathematical calculation. It’s easy, fast and cool.

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  2. Ashish AUSTRALIA Google Chrome Linux says:

    really good post but i have doubt that your last trick is not working which is simple mathematics please do something in regarding to it
    thanks a lot

  3. pony Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    You can access facebook from linux terminal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxudGA9VFXk

  4. amagzi Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


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