How to convert .rpm file into .deb and install it in Linux

There are lots of software available in Linux which can be installed using Terminal or can be manually installed by downloading the file. There are many Linux distributions available. The main difference between each Linux¬†Distribution is the package manager they use. For example: Fedora uses .rpm(RedHat Package Manager) whereas Ubuntu uses .deb(Debian) package manager. In Ubuntu, you can install applications using Ubuntu Software Center or using the terminal which is way too fast and easy to use. But, some particular software’s that you need may not be found for .deb package manger. You can find that application in only .rpm manager. The problem is you cannot directly install .rpm extension installation file in Ubuntu. Thus, we need to convert .rpm into .deb so that we can install the file. Let’s get started.

We are going to use a software called Alien to convert .rpm into .deb. Quickly, install Alien in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install alien

For demonstration I am going to use the dropbox .rpm extension and will convert it into .deb.

First, go the directory where your .rpm file exist. I have .rpm extension file in my test directory.

file in current directory

Then within this directory type this command to convert into .deb format.

sudo alien -k filename.rpm

I would type:

.rpm to .deb converted

That’s it. The .rpm package manager is now converted into .deb package manager. Install and enjoy.

package converted


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