Boost up your affiliation earning with thesis 1.7

affiliation redirection on thesis 1.7

The new thesis 1.7 is ready to rocks.. I am great fan of thesis since the earlier days. The various dynamic function are added with thesis theme in its every new version. In thesis 1.7 several new features has been added recently and one of the great features that i think about thesis 1.7 is its 301 redirection method that helps to boost up your affiliation earning by using your own unique url in the place of affiliation url . Let me show you how this work.

First let me tell you why the blogger need to use the different unique path for the affiliation link. Most of the people don’t trust the direct affiliation link . This is probably one of the bitter truth. You earn money by writing a sweet review and sell some one product or services. you may or may not use that service or product you start writing reviewing on it. Well people are not that stupid that trust you easily. When they saw the affiliation link then they will certainly understand that this person is earning money by selling me the service or the product which may or may not be use by that person. So they are not going to trust you so easily. Therefore if you use some other url that will redirect to your affiliation url then people will think that you are not linked to that product or services. Then you might have some chance  boost your earning.

In thesis 1.7  the new 301 redirection method has been recently added. The users can use it without any plugin or without any coding on it. This is just a simple features that helps to redirect you desire url to the actual affiliation url.

Tutorial of 301 Redirect for this Page’s URL

1.  Log in into your wordpress admin  click on pages and add new pages

2. On the page title give the title that you want to show in your url. some example if you have added thesis in your page.  then your url will be which will actually redirect into the affiliation page.

301 redirection method in thesis 1.7

3. Scroll your page down where you will see 301 Redirect for this Page’s URL paste your affiliation link to that space.

301 redirection thesis 1,7

4. Now the url that you have use in your page will be redirect into the affiliation url that you have given in 301 Redirect for this Page’s URL.

5. When you scroll you page you will see Robot meta tag. At robot meta tag you will see three different option there. Check all three option which will tell search engine not to index that page.

301 redirection on thesis 1.7

6. Don’t write anything now publish you page and view your page you will find your page being redirect to the actual affiliation area.

(Note: This new features of thesis 1.7 works same like the aflinker plugin. For the other use who are not using thesis theme then can use aflinker plugin to redirect their affliation link)

Video tutorial

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