Blogger Vs wordpress: Which is better for blogging

blogger vs wordpress

Blogger and wordpress are the two powerful blogging platform that is being extremely popular among blogger. There are different blog platform available for blogger behind blogger and wordpress. But due the simplicity and the tremendous features of both services most of the people are using blogger and wordpress to podcast their blog. This post will be useful for those who have big confusion which blog platform to choose to start your blog? After reading this post you will find your solution to choose best platform for need.

Note: I am not comparing other blog platform like typepad, movable typepad. I wouldn’t recommended to use these platform to build your blog.

Some brief description about these platform

Blogger: Blogger is a free services maintained and run and Google Inc which is also know as one of the first blogging platform. All the registered blog in the Google are hosted on Google server where you website is registered on it means if you have created your blog in blogger your blog will be The user can also register their own custom domain later which the take about $1o per year.

WordPress is categories into two group

Under the your blog will be hosted by It means like blogger your blog will be in wordpress web server. Your blog will be on subdomain For example I want to create a blog learning blog. Then the complete URL of my blog will be WordPress offer CSS editing and custom domains only to the paid members. Therefore its almost impossible to monotorize your blog under because it doesn’t support javascript. Therefore you will be unable to put the ad like adsense, adbride, bidvertiser beacuse all of this is operated with javascript code. So you have only one choice Either you have to invest some money before getting started or your should just take blogging as interest or fun (wordpress self hosted blog)

WordPress self hosted, the names describes that your blog will be hosted by you in the web server. WordPress is a blogging script which your can download for free. For using own self hosted blog your need to have webhost. That means your blog is not hosted on wordpress server. Now your are hosting your blog in your own server which you can have buy in certain amount of money. After buying the webhost your can simply upload the wordpress script via FTP and your blog will be start in a minute. Please Note:- Nowadays most of the hosting provide faciliates the user which one lick wordpress installation. You can enjoy wordpress self hosted blog. you can also create a wordpress self hosted blog for free. But i don’t recommended it you if u want to have high ambition on blogging. it may be useful for those who are unaware about the wordpress environment and want to learn it

Why do you blog?

There are million of people blogging in different blog platform But people have reason to blog. You might be astound by the facts that over 20 million blogger blogs are active till now. But 20 million user have different intention to start blogging. Some do it for fun, some want to helps people or make a difference. some want to build a business and some want to build a business from it. Why do you want to make your blog? There might be some reason behind it. Which platform would be suitable for you according to your title

1. For hobbies, fun and personnel use

If you are blogging for hobbies and fun you can go to any blog platform. Both blogger and wordpress has excellent features that supports almost all the category needed for you. But if you want some extra function and features then i recommended you to go to wordpress self hosted blog for which you have to invest some amount of money in webhosting. Therefore if you are starting your blog just for fun and hobbies you can go to which will take about 2 minutes to create a blog and start blogging. Later you can switch to worpress self hosting blog to enhance your capacity.

2. For business or to make money online

“Blogging for business”. Today’s million of people are blogging for money. If you are willing to make money online from blogging then wordpress self hosted blog would be the great choice for your.In wordpress self hosted blog your blog will be hosted on your own web server which you can buy with certain amount of money.Word press self hosted blog contain lots of theme, plugins which would helps to make your blog to have professional look.

In which  blog platform Should I Start?

Before starting your first blog there might be several thoughts in your mind. Choosing blog platform is one of the complicated task that every blogger face each day. I have listed above that blogger and are two free services. but please note that with wordpress.con you can’t motorize your blog. if you want to monotorize your blog start your blog from blogger or wordpress self hosted blog. if you can invest some money then go for wordpress self hosted blog. if you don’t have idea about wordpress you can first try free self-hosted wordpress blog.

Note: you can transfer to any blog platform later without loosing traffic

Differences between blogger,,

ChargeCompletely FreeFree but have to upragde to excess various featuresFree(but cost for webhosting and domain name)
Hosted onGoogle IncWordPressYour own webserver
Layout and CustomizationThird party template, template edit and customization supportedUser can use only the themes in and have to upgrade to customize itthird party theme supported , edit option and customization available
Permalinks structure /2010/05/20/sample-post/ /2010/05/20/sample-post/User can choose various of permalink structure including custom structure
Importfrom bloggerfrom blogger wordpress, typadfrom blogger wordpress
Domain nameUse can use custom domainUser have to upgrade to use custom domainUser have to use custom domain
Theme and templateUser can make their own template and use external template designed by othersuse can use the theme that is available in the wordpress directory. Use have to upgrade to use custom cssUse can use various theme including wordpress directory as well as from external sources.
Multi bloggerAdministrator and non-administrators only.Administrator, Editors, Authors and Contributors, subscribers.Administrator, Editors, Authors and Contributors, subscribers.
User can uploadpicture and video and can use external source to host other filesPicture and videoAnything depending upon the webhosting
PagesUser can make upto 10 static pagesUser can unlimited number of pagesUser can unlimited number of pages
Private blogUser can restrict their access and invite google account holdersUser can unlimited number of pagesUser can unlimited number of pages
Visitors statsUser have to use external script like google analytics or stats counter to get the visitors statiticsUser can see the statistics of their visitors from their wordpress accountUser have to use external script to get the visitors statistics
CommentComment moderation and visual confirmation.Comment moderation. comment editing, spam protection by AkismetCommend moderation, comment editing, Spam protection by the use of plugin
Customization level and codingUse can customize their template and add their additional concept.Use have less privilleged to customize their layoutHigh level of customization supported to build professional blog
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14 Responses to Blogger Vs wordpress: Which is better for blogging

  1. Vishal Sanjay INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    Blogger is great for personal blogs, but wordpress is the best for those who want to make money online, but still blogspot is a wonderful resource for those who want to make money with out investing anything.

    Google is slowly improving Blogspot and they may soon catch up with WordPress, but wordpress has build an enormous fame in professional blogging.

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  3. Good one. Perhaps I feel WordPress has an upperhand. Don’t you think so ?

    • saugat NEPAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

      I agree with you. I write this post to clear the confusion for those who are beginner to blogging.

    • Ankit INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

      I don’t think so. It depends on the way how a blogger can use platform. I agree that with wordpress, you can have some good features, like CMS but that doesn’t mean that they are at all missing at blogger. I have seen various great sites and blogs running at blogger. Even with the help of blogger, you can design a professional blog, with a great look.

      I would simply recommend blogger, just because it is cheap and best not only for personal use, but also for professional use.


  4. Nicola ITALY Google Chrome Windows says:

    I agree with Vishal, Blogger is for personal blogs, but if you want to be serious about make money online I reccomend WordPress because is very customizable and has a lot of plugin for any needs.

  5. hawapanas INDONESIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    you receive the information

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  7. WORDPRESS is God!!
    Since I started using it on everything on my life has became so much easier !!

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  9. How expensive is the webhosting and domain purchase?

    By the way. This is very good information. It makes me understand the difference so much easier.

  10. Good bro now i know the difference between and

  11. Dan UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You could just adjust your profile so that others can see your email address.

  12. yeah, ive learned a lot, thank you all , do i will create a nice website now

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