Top 10 GNOME Shell themes

GNOME Shell has been the choice of many Linux user even though it is still in its development process. GNOME shell being not a standalone program and has been able to integrates mangificently with other various desktop component and wide integration with application makes its able to catch eye by many Linux user in its early development process. GNOME Shell supports wide rage of themes that enhances the beautyness of your computer. Here are the best 10 GNOME Shell themes that you might want to install in your computer.

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1. Faience Theme


2. Slave Theme 


3. Nord Theme 

nord-gnome-shell-theme4. Capazul Theme

5. Purplet Theme 


 6.  Mixx Theme


7. Atolm Theme

atolm-theme8. Red Theme

9. Flim Based Theme


10. Elementary Viper luna Theme


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3 Responses to Top 10 GNOME Shell themes

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  2. Venkat Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    Are these also compatible with Ubuntu 10.10?

    • Anon CANADA Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

      It depends on if you are using Gnome 3.x, sometimes referred to as Gnome Shell. Ubuntu 10.10 uses Gnome 2.3.x by default.

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