Beginner guide to wordpress

beginner guide to wordpress

WordPress is powerful CMS which is often used as blog publishing application by most of the blogger. WordPress is not that much complicated to use but the beginner who is new to wordpress and webhosting might feel might hard to use wordpress. Therefore this post covers all the things that is needed for beginner wordpress user who want to publish their blog through wordpress.

Installing WordPress:

Install wordpress via Fantastico: Most of the easiest way to install wordpress in just a single click via fantastico. This tutorial help user to install wordpress from their control panel in single click.

Installing wordpress manually : This is useful to those whose web hosting doesn’t support wordpress on one click installation. This tutorial helps to install wordpress in webserver manually.

General Guide

Beginner guide to blogging- The basic concept of blogging that helps to understand the concept of blogging.

what is wordpressThis articles helps to understand the information about the wordpress.

Difference between and blogger- it helps to understand the difference between, and wordpress self hosted blog.

Writing and publishing post in wordpress- This post helps user to understand how to write and publish post in wordpress.

General setting of wordpress: This is the video tutorial that helps to understand the general setting of wordpress.

Themes and Customization:

How to install a wordpress theme- This tutorial helps user to understand how to install wordpress theme into wordpress directory.

How to create your own wordpress theme: This tutorial helps you to create your own wordpress theme. you must have html css and php knowledge to create your own wordpress theme.

Search engine optimization for wordpress guide

Best permalink structure for wordpress blog: This is useful for those who are confused about setting up their permalink structure of their blog. Choosing best permalink structure helps lot to improve search engine traffic.

Create sitemap for wordpress blog: This post explain how to create sitemap for wordpress blog with the helps of the plugin. that helps to submit your sitemap to various search engine.

2o free website for free url submission: This is extremely useful for new blog that helps to submit your blog to various web directories in just one click

Social Networking Optimization Guide

Digg resources for blogger: This tutorial helps to know what digg is and how it helps to drive traffic to your blog and the complete resources for blogger

Social bookmarking plugin and buttom: Social networking plugins and button that helps to encourage your reader to submit your readers to various search engine.

Beginner guide to stumble upon: Stumble upon is a  great way to drive traffic. This tutorial gives you full idea of how to use stumble upon.

Creating facebook fanpage for your blog: How to create facebook fan page and customize with different application.

Integrate facebook fanpage with google analytics: How to integrate your facebook fan page with google analytics

WordPress plugin

25 wordpress plugin for wordpress user: Best 25 plugin for search engine optimization for your blog to increase high search engine traffic

31 wordpress plugin for wordpress beginner user: 31 popular wordpress plugin including SEO, social media, Blog admin etc

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  1. Vishal Sanjay INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    This is a wonderful resource Saugat!! Great work I must say you have compiled the most needed and the best guides on WordPress.

  2. Ekendra NEPAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Indeed a great compilation Saugatji, everything under one hood. Really helpful.

    • Amena Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

      i am hvanig a problem with the statcounter…wordpress is 2.5but for some reason my counter is 0 : zero any idea why ?StatCounter Team Response:Please check your emails!

  3. Awesome bro, You shared tutorials for doing everything under the hood for WordPress. Great post man

  4. Some weeks ago I find a similar article on 1stwebdesigner, this one is also good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dadhakumar INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Awesome collection of info about blogging for beginners. Expecting more informative articles from you dude.

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  7. rekha INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Awesome tutorial

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