Beginner guide to linux

beginner guide to linux

When it comes to linux user get lot of variety and choices. There are numerous Linux distribution that can be downloaded from the internet for free but the different Linux platform has different way to use it. Some Linux is light weighted which can be used in old computer and laptops but some are with huge collection of software and application which will be suitable for new computer and laptop. Some Linux are hard to use for those who haven’t use Linux but some might be easy with the few tutorial and supports. So In the post I am covering a beginner guide to Linux that helps to understand the basic concept of what Linux really is and which Linux is best for your use.

What is linux?

Most common mistake by people

If you are new to linux you might make a common mistake by saying linux an operating system. In reality it is not an operating system. Whenever someone name linux you must be able to understand that many operating system that are based on linux kernel like ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, redhat etc are linux.

Some true fact about Linux

For Those people who are new to Linux think that Linux is hard to use the only person with most computer knowledge can use it but its false. First of all you should know that Linux is open source software. Therefore you will find all the resources in the internet. Therefore if you want to be good at Linux. you should keep roaming around the internet. The final conclusion is that you must be able to collect the scattered part that is around the internet.

Some fact about open source software?

Many people ask what the different about Linux kernel what made Linux different from Microsoft. Here is the biggest reason. The Linux kernel is maintained by Free/Libra/Open Source Software community. Therefore the user can get it for free of charge, modify according to his needs and again redistribute. Therefore the people around the world which is know by the word “developer” are continuously working on making the Linux better.

What makes Linux different from Microsoft

If you have use Microsoft windows here are the few things that you might not know. Microsoft source code is not an open source software. the user have to pay certain amount of money to get it. Therefore the Microsoft doesn’t gives its source code to everyone. the source code is know to the engineer who developed the software. you can’t build you windows kernel, fix bugs and redistribute it. but u canĀ  do it in Linux. That’s make Linux different from Microsoft windows.

Choosing Linux distribution Guide

Today thousands of developers are working on Linux to make it better day by day therefore there are wide variety of choice to the Linux user to choose the best Linux distribution for them. But for the people who are new into the Linux world it might be hard for them to choose the right one for them.

Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE etc are the most common linux system which is mostly considered to be easy to use for the newbie althought they have powerful tools and features that the advance user are accustomed to.

Installing Linux in your computer

Note: This post contains the information needed for the linux beginner. If you are already the user of linux you can find other various tutorial on linux category.

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