Basic concept of Domain name and webhosting

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Domain Name

Whenever it comes to internet you can’t separate domain name from the internet. Whether to browse any website or to use email you use the domain name. For example if you want to open our website you simply type in your browser.  Therefore domain name is a unique identification that helps to create the path to open certain website.  All the domain name in this world has IP address. IP address  can  be remeber by machine but it will be hard to remember for human brain. Therefore to minimize the complexity, every time you enter the domain name, the domain name will be converted into IP address and the website will be open.  Domain name has got certain extension. .com .net .org .biz  .edu etc. For registering the domain name you have to pay certain money yearly to the domain name provider


Whenever you made a website it will be limited only into your computer. Like you need hard disk to store you files, images you need a web server to store your website and make it available to the world. Today’s there are many hosting company available that will host you website with full security and they will charge you certain money of it. Webhosting is one of the most essential things if you are going to start new website or self hosted wordpress blog. If you want to start a blog at blogger or you don’t need webhosting because blogger and host your files at their server for free.  In you computer the data will be stored in the hard disk likewise the data will be store in the web server in the hard disk. Therefore  each upload of your file in the webspace will be occupied like your hard disk stored with the numerous files. When other people try to access to your website. your file will be executive from the web server,  therefore it consumes certain bandwidth.

Some Basic terms in Web hosting.


Diskspace is the space that is being used to store your website or blog. Nowadays most of the webhosting offers you unlimited disk space.  That means you can store as much as data in your hosting account. The amount of diskpace may vary from different hosting companies. The diskspace is measure in MB(mega byte) and GB (Giga byte) like on your hard disk spaces.


The amount of data that passes through your network at a given time is called bandwidth consumes by that website. Mostly bandwidth consumes by the website is measured monthly by various hosting company. Whenever you visit a website  you are accessing  bandwidth of that website because to view the website,  The page that you are viewing should be first downloaded on your computer.  For example if you are trying to access this page until the whole image text of this page doesn’t get downloaded on the computer you will be unable to view this website. Whenever the user interact to your websitethe bandwidth of your website will be consumed. So how much bandwidth will be needed for your website or blog?  Well the answer is simple it depends upon the traffic of your website. For example if you have 100 visitors per day on your  website the normal badwidth of your website will be depend upon what the user do with your website. If the user start viewing video that is being uploaded on your server it will consume more bandwidth if the user only interact with your website then the bandwith will be small. If you have a large number of visitors in your website per day then you must need a good bandwidth. If the user are more than the capicity of the bandwidth of your  web server. Then the web server will be down therfore your visitors can’t access your website. Now a days most of the hosting companies offers unlimited bandwith to the users but it doesn’t mean that it will be able to enhances all the large traffic towards your website. If your traffic is large enough you should move your blog or website towards dedicated server

Some most important point:

  • Nowadays most of the hosting company offer a free domain name under the web hosting account.
  • Your should only look at to the disk space and bandwidth while you buy a hosting account there are other numerous factor that you should consider before web hosting account.
  • Always notice that where the hosting server is located.
  • You should never trust the unlimited disk space and bandwidth because everything is limited.
  • Always look at the customer support of every web hosting companies
  • Never trust on reviews by just reading on few website.

Which hosting company is best?

Well its really hard to answer this question. Most of the hosting company are great enough to host your website but it depends upon the services and function provided by them. I have host my website on justhost. Its cheap and Whenever i get any problem they are always available for 24/7 support. Just host offers you unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email account, unlimited FTP and many more features. Justhost hosting starts at $2.95 per month. With the discount coupon 50% off you will get 50% discount on the webhosting account and with the webhosting account the domain name is also free for the life time. frestutorial is powered by justhost. you can see my experience on justhost

Sign up in just host

Should I have to pay for webhosting?

yes, if you want to move your website or blog to the next level then the hosting  is crucially important to you. If you want to have website or blog just for learning purpose you can go for free domain and web hosting.

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