10 Best audio player for linux Ubuntu

audio player ubuntuThere are wide variety of audio player available for Linux user. Almost every kind of format is supported by audio player with the availability of the codec.  With every Linux distribution, there is the default audio player install when you install Linux distribution. But if you want to go beyond that music audio player and want to explore and try other different audio player. Here are the best audio player for Linux Ubuntu.

1. Guayadeque


There are few things that are quite unique in Guayadeque than other music player. The user friendly interface, quick navigation section, various radio stations, Auto lyrics finder of the song you are playing, Last FM integration are the basic features of Guayadeque. Some of the key features of Guayadeque are

  • User friendly interface with screen divided into two different section
  • Automatically lyrics finder
  • Easy Navigation of file from user panel

2.  Banshee


If you are Ubuntu 11.04 user you might be familiar about Banshee. Banshee is amazing audio player which is default in Ubuntu 11.04. The various features of Banshee are it support pod casting, burn audio and MP3 CD’S, RIP Cd’s. Banshee also include a played song of user to his/her last fm playlist.

3. Rhymthmbox


Rhymthmbox use Gstreamer media frame that has wide variety of audio support for large number of digital formats. Rhymthmbox was default music player in previous versions of Ubuntu. The interface of Rhymthmbox is similar to Apple iTunes . The lyrics plugin will tries to fetch the lyrics of the current song that you are playing and the visualization plugin will display animation.  There are other wide variety of plugin available like last plugin, cover Art which helps to fetch album of the picture that you are currently playing.

4. Amarok
amarok If you prefer KDE, Amarok might be your choice. Amarok is a awesome music player for LInux. Amarok has solid user interface with various like lyrics, ipod handling, remote collection. You can install Amarok even if you are GNOME user However it take long time to start since it has to KDE libaries and component.

5.  Exaile
exaile audio player for ubuntu Exaile is a good replacement of Amarok for GNOME user.It supports various features like fetching album art, lyrics, Last fm,  internet radio and tabbed playlist(can use multiple playlist at one time).

xmms XMMS stands for X multimedia system which can play media files such as MP3 MOD’s, WAV and others with the user of input plugins. The interface is separated in three windows main window, graphical equalizer and playlist editor. There are wide variety of plugin available which can be found on XMMS website. The different plugin like IR remote control shutting down the PC at a certain hour etc are some of the characteristics of XMMS


Muine is simple intuitive user interface music player  which is basically designed for user to construct playlist from single song or album. The muine is basically is simple music player which main intention for development is not to became the full features music management application. Beside this is also include plugin interface

8. Quark Music player:

quark audio player

Quark use xine-lib to play music there it can play any format that is supported by the xine-lib. There are couple of front-ends that makes quark attractive like charm-quark – a CLI interface, strange quark- a GTK system Tray interface. However there is one drawback of this music player if the user want to play the file named in UTF ecoding and has non ascii character. In such cases user have to pull some strings and make Quark load them.

9.  BMP

beep music player

BMP which is know as BEEP music player is versatile music which interface is based on Winamp 2.x.skins. Its almost support every kind of audio format like XMMS does.

10. GMPC:

Gnome music player GMPC is the fronted for mpd which is written in gtk2. The various features like file browser, search, browse based on ID3 information (artist and albums) current playlist viewers with search etc are some of the key features of GMP.

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9 Responses to 10 Best audio player for linux Ubuntu

  1. toto INDONESIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I like audacious. small and light audio player for linux. But from your list, I will choose xmms :)

  2. C L Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    QMMP is still my best, similar to xmms and accepts winamp skins. Simple, not scanning all my documents, but playing nly the music I choose.

  3. woo CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I, too, like and use audacious almost exclusively – like @toto and @CL posters above – probably for the same reasons: my player has to be light, and I don’t want my player to index my whole music library for that matter, just need it to play what I tell it to. Sometimes I also use Totem, too.

  4. iCoteg UKRAINE Google Chrome Linux says:

    what about DeaDBeeF?

  5. Guest Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Clearly, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is by far the best video player.

    MPC-HC is the best video player, but if you are interested in also playing audio files then you are probably better off finding something else.

  6. Emil Felin IRELAND Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    Where’s VLC?

  7. asss CROATIA Opera Linux says:

    Audacious is very popular but somehow never gets on any list. I use Audacious and Exaile on the other comp.

  8. Rahul Dev INDIA Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    atunes is best. 17000 tracks in 15 minutes . very good audio quality . it has everything and simply unbeatable..

  9. Hallo!

    One day I started programming my own alternative music player. In the meanwhile it grew and grew and I want to share it with the world. I would be very happy if I can find some testers and new users :)

    Just give it a try: http://code.google.com/p/sayonara-player/

    Thanks in advance!



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