Apple’s New Iphone software may support multitasking and advertising

Iphone new software

With the massive success of Apple’s iphone, Apple is now ready for a extreme new version of iphone software that may support for multitasking and advertising. Most of the analysis predict that the new software may be capable of multitasking and advertising. Even of the massive success of the iphone many people criticized its limited function¬† to run more than one third program at the same time. Apple have given the accessibility to the outside world with the open of their operating system in 2008. Since then many developer have used to create a thousands of application for the iphone and itouch and also new ipad tablet. Now apple has more than 100,000 developers who get¬† a 70 percent revenue when the application are sold via apple store. Therefore with this application there might a big revolution in the apple history But there is question on everyone’s mind how this new software will work and How it will contribute in the field of multitasking, advertising¬† and mobile ads.

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  1. wow this is cool…. cant wait….

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