10 Best Android application for Business Users

android appsCell phone can be a great tools for business user. Assume that you meet your subordinate in your way and you have to take important note the only things that you never forget is your phone. Therefore if you have right application installed in your phone you don’t have to be panic. However Its not easy to choose nice application from your needs from thousands of android appplication. We have arrange the 10 different best android application for business that helps to boost your productivity as individual as well as for your company.

1. GDocs


GDOCS android apps
Carry your Google document whenever you go. GDoc is a editor/viewer for you Google document. It supports multiple accounts, PDF viers. Automatic Document Synchronization. Localized to multiple language.Additionally you can import and export your document and file easily from your Android Device to Google Cloud.

2. Office Suits Pro

Its a complete solution to edit, create and view your Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint. It also allow to view PDF files on your android phone. Additionally you can integarate google Docs to manage your file locally and remotely

3. Linkedin Android Apps

linkedin android apps
Linkedin android apps helps to connect with your colleagues and with other professional at all the time. You can know about their update, send and manage invite, know status update, email all your network together all from your Android phone.

4. Mighty Meeting

Mighty MeetingMightyMeeting is the first application that supports audio conferencing that works under 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi wireless network. Behind you user can upload their presentation, deliver presentation through the user of droid. Additionally user can invite others to view and edit their presentation.

5.  Stocks

Stock application for androidGet all the information of stock on your mobile phone. The major features of this application is up to date stock details and charts. quick access to chart. Sync with Google finance. Support the stock markets in US, Canada, UK, HK, Japan etc.

6. Jorte

jorte-android-appsJort helps you to organize important event task and memos. Therefore the notification of important events, task, memos and presentations prepartion helps you to to remember and organize everything correctly by seperate calender or sync with Google calender.

7. Document Viewer

document scanner android appsThe protal scanner helps you to scan document and reciept with your phone camers. You can easily convert it to PDF, google docs, Dropbox. Evernote.

8. TripIt


If you travel lot for your business plan tripit might be another great application for your. Organize everything in your phone including flight, hotel, resturant and other informaion. Additionally this application also helps you do discover and contact places on the road through direction and contact info

9. Google Voice


The best service for VOIP. You can easily try free call to usa and canada.text message is also supported. You can record your important call, integareted your phone address book , The internation call is cheaper.

10. Astrid

astrid android apps

Astrid is clean and simle task managers. help you to set reminders, list sync, a widget, task sharing, optional instant notification and much more. Additionaly sharing opens enables you to share all your list to your work teams

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  1. Google docs should really the number 1 it is the most useful application ever

  2. C Shan UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    You should check out the following application called MobilCTI Power Dialer for Android Phones.


    This application will allow you to organize your contacts into campaigns (Lists):

    1)Call contacts one after another from list
    2)Automatically track number of attempts
    3)Schedule/Track callbacks.
    Will be a great tool for Event Organizors.

  3. Miranda Google Chrome Windows says:

    And here is another interesting application

    This is a simple and effective Task Manager tool.
    You can quickly and easily create orders, send them to the performers (your employees) and to track status.
    Sending orders through SMS or E-mail (at your option).
    Contractor receives a message (with any mobile phone or via e-mail – without mobile device) with your instructions, but also – the template response (link).
    After the job executor sends the template back to you (via SMS or E-mail) – and the application automatically receives a signal that the commission is satisfied.
    Any time you can in a few minutes to check lists of orders already in progress or already made – or not yet distributed to performers.


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