Adobe flash player 10.1 for mobile released


Adobe flash player is coming with the new features and function in its final version of 10.1 which will be available for smart phone. Flash 10.1 has be designed for the better user experience on various devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, phone and also television. Adobe is also releasing its final version of player to its different partner including motion, palm, symbian and Microsoft. But Adobe hasn’t mentioned which phone on the market will able to get it. Adobe has said that it will work with the phone makers to determine how to distribute the player to uses. Adobe claim that it works with the same computer operating system. Whenever the user want to display the flash related content and if there was not flash player install in their phone the pop up browsers will be appear to convey the user message that “this website required flash player 10.01″ which will explain the user that they need flash player software to play that content and letting them download it immediately.

Flash player 10.01 for mobile phone will support multi touch, gestures, soft keyboards and other input methods like accelerometers. the new flash player will have mother features which simplifying viewing web pages on small devices.  Double tapping on flash object on a page will automatically zoom is on the object

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