How to add smooth features content slider in Thesis Theme

The smooth clean features content slider in any blog or website will give the blog decent look and engage the user participant of the user in the website. Previously I have included the simple way to add features slider in thesis theme with dynamic content gallery. However because of problem to re size the picture many people don’t like dynamic content gallery. Smooth slider has inbuilt all the function which helps to minimize the effort that individual has to put to include various picture, resize the image in features content gallery. Therefore it is very handy tools to give your Thesis theme new look.

To add smooth content gallery in thesis theme follow the below steps:

1. Download the smooth slider plugin . It will create all the desirable smooth content slider with desirable look.

2. Install the plugin. You will see smooth slider option at left side of your WordPress dashboard.  Click on setting.

smooth features slider

3.  Setting Page will appear. Configure setting page as per your need. You can choose almost everything here including transition speed, background color, css part of slider, appearances of proper slide thumbails. Make sure you have save everything after properly configuring this page.

configure smooth features content gallery

4. After this process Add the following code in custom_function.php.

custom file editor thesis theme

//Featured Content Slider
    function content_slider() { ?>
    <?php if (is_home()){ ?>
             <?php if ( function_exists( 'get_smooth_slider' ) ) { get_smooth_slider(); } ?>
   <?php }
   add_action('thesis_hook_before_content', 'content_slider');
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One Response to How to add smooth features content slider in Thesis Theme

  1. I followed your tutorial and added the slider to my site..
    But it ain’t ‘sliding’ the posts are still on the home page..

    what could be the reason ?

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