How to access harddrives and protable devices from Linux terminal

We have been doing a lots of things through terminal lately. The simple thing is remaining. By default, we are always in the home folder of the Linux(Ubuntu). What if we want to access 107GB file system, 54GB file system and other portable devices file system. It’s easy The hard disk and other portable devices in Linux is referred to “media”. We need to go to media first and access our devices.

Go to Linux Terminal and type:

cd /media

and Type ls.

This will take you to the hard drive area of your computer.

Accessing hard drive in LinuxThose all in the blue colors are the media devices. I know they all have the strange names expect System Reserved. The names are meant to be like that may be for the security reason. The portable devices will also be shown. Go to the specific partition using cd.

Type  cd ~ to return to the home directory.

Check out Ubuntu beginner tutorials if you are unknown about Linux terminal interface and basic commands.

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